the mouth is mute
timeline is like a spiral
pain is blind
eyes penetrated
no shutdown possible
evil without doubt
evil persists
the white
cold snow numbs
bodies, organs
extensions of life
extensions of death
affective disorder
system feeds on collapse
listen! the priviledged, alive.


written and produced by Luka Prinčič

sample on track 1 from La Fille du Régiment: “Il faut partir” sung by Pretty Yende

finalized at StudioSP3

cover graphics by Pawel Czerwinski

thanks to Maja Delak, dancers from her choreography that nons supported, and A.P., who left us too early.

released April 30, 2022

Some rights reserved. This work is licenced under
PeerProduction Attribution-NonCapitalist-ShareAlike (PP BY-NC-SA) licence


  1. nons il faut partir
  2. chalga (jitakami v2018)
  3. tavalla (jitakami v2018)
  4. turbo (jitakami v2018)