The space under the piano was a big playing field, a cocoon, a place of safety, and vibrations transforming the new world safe and bright as thousand lights... there were no ghosts in the shell.
In another space and time seeing A. Sorensen live-coding a Disklavier. We all collect experiences, techniques, ideas, structures, and at some point we use them in our own way, slightly changed, differently combined...
A piano playing by itself, someone said, is a ghostly sight.


Written, performed, recorded and produced by Luka Prinčič in January 2022.

Track 2 is an edit of live recording of the performance on disklavier in the scope of »on-the-fly: Live-Coding Hacklab« Opening Performances @ ZKM_Cube, Karlsruhe.

Design by Luka Prinčič
Cover graphics by Pawel Czerwinski

Thanks to: Luka Frelih @ Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory for inclusion into live coding project, on-the-fly Live Coding project and its partners, Dominik Kautz and the rest of the team @ ZKM Karlsruhe, and all the beautiful people exploring art by numbers.

released January 31, 2022

Some rights reserved. This work is licenced under
PeerProduction Attribution-NonCapitalist-ShareAlike (PP BY-NC-SA) licence


  1. algoforte #3 (220105b)
  2. Brief Introduction to Piano is Forte Memory (Live)