weeknote #23.3

"djs.social, kamizdat timelines, xenophoby, rentgen, korčula"

These week/ly notes are kinda a week late. So they are bi-weekly or fortnightly at this instance. But the basic idea is to write a note every week no matter how short. I'm still figuring out what day in the week is best to do that. If you have a practice like that (writing weeknotes on your public journal) I'm curious which day is best for you and why. I'm still figuring this out, as a matter of fact, but I feel I really want to write something in a more regular fashion and for some reason writing a blog post became irrationally insurmountable task. As I wrote some posts back I found this - writing a weekly note - on some other blogs, and here we are.

I have taken over administration of djs.social mastodon instance. It's currently a very small instance, but current admin had a hard time to continue running and investing time to make it grow. It felt a shame that such great instance would go, and somehow I was wondering if a transfer would work. It was hosted at toot.io and I wanted to move it to masto.host. After we scheduled the migration both hosting chiefs were extremely helpful and professional. I can totally recomend both. Custom emojis got lost in the process but I was able to restore one by one manually, since there weren't many. Previous admin was also very helpful and communicative when we needed to transfer the domain ownership. All in all wonderful people around. Such a great humane experience. I wonder if this instance grows into a community. Perhaps it will stay small forever, perhaps something different happens to it — I'd like to keep maintenance and slow promotion.

After transfering domain ownership, changing DNS records, creating LiberaPay account, migrating all the data to a different hosting provider, switching IP in dns, and updating fediblock suspensions (to oliphant.social consensus-based tier0), there are still tasks todo: updating the rules, code of conduct and etiquette, improving community description, and re-introduce this refreshed state with welcoming post(s).

The timelines for Kamizdat releases are a mess. Mainly because of me. So I spent extra time to try to put them in order. Also some of the artists had plans changed and we had to accomodate all that. It's just the thing that if we want to do anything more than plainly put an album online with a webcover, there must be a schedule, prepare things in advance, early enough that goals are achieved: a printed booklet on day of release, a concert with audience on the day of the release, written and published reviews in press ahead of release,... I'm almost the wrong person to run this - "last minute" is my middle name - but I'm learning, trying hard. So, after two of them behind us we have four releases in the fall lined up, and another two in late winter (February, March), and it would be really good to make most of it in time.

Kamizdat's yearly netlabel day compilation - Access Frame - was done a little differently this year. Partly because of being very late, I devised a different method to collaboratively arrive at something we could release: we invited local artists to process some proposed audio samples (all speeches) into layers of sound or looped elements with an intent to edit and overlay them into a final collage. I was happy to receive contributions from seven artists, there's an essay from a local activist/writer and MC that tackles systemic discimination (the compilation is subtitled "Xenophoby"). I managed to create an almost 30 minutes long sonic story, and even a few iterations with corrections from feedback I received. At the last minute we also had - at the end of the day quite good and appropriate - webcover done. While the audio.zine is published, the printed zine with the essay and biographies is still in the pipeline (as is the booklet for Saša Spačal's Anatomy of a Symbiosis!).

— With the release out there was still Kamizdat Rentgen: Netlabel Day to be had. While I managed to setup most of everything up ahead, as some of the arrangements were quite known (we've done streaming of Rentgen in the same venue before) and I seem to slowly know more what there is to be done, I was still quite nervous - just a few pieces of the puzzle were missing: my introduction and my sound performance part. We started early enough, I was happy to setup new version of owncast the day before anyway, tested it, tested it again about four hours before the event started, lights designed, sound checks done, OBS live editing scenes prepared... starting the stream 15 minutes before the event resulted in extremely slow stream coming to the server. After a lot of tryouts and calls to the sysadmin and testing with youtube we came to the conclusion that something was really up with international traffic. I decided to pull the plug on the streaming and to go ahead with event and record everything like we'd do a stream. The event was quite amazing at the end, I was surprised at the amount of people who turned up. The decision to do it inside despite (or because) of hot summer weather (we could do it on the terrace of the bar, like last year) turned out to be a great one – people were very concentrated to sound despite being a wide variety of noise and electronics.

— With less then 5 hours of sleep after the event we hit the road toward Korčula for our summer vacation on the hot dalmatian island. Together with M. and 17 years old doggo Stella we drove an alternative non-motorway scenic route over Gospić and Knin to Split, where we still comfortably arrived with a spare hour and a half to the ferry departure. Three hours later and another 45 minutes we were at the house/appartment on the south coast near Brna settlement, where we are sleeping, reading, writing, sea-splashing, and enjoying the hot sunny weather. I wrote these (too long) notes here.

— Oh and with the last weeknote my zola templates obviously broke. Something about the url slug: when I create a folder for a post and include images and videos, images get included and embeded, but the url to the video is somewhat wrong. I have to dig into the zola code... actually into tera templates, clean things up, start a separate folder for my own templates, as I'd really like to publish them at one point, and fix this.

# netlabel day 2023 performance code for SuperCollider




// allocate new buffer
b = Buffer.alloc(s, s.sampleRate*3, 1)

// start recording into buffer
Ndef(\recbuf, {
        doneAction: Done.freeSelf 


Ndef(\gran, {
    var snd = GrainBuf.ar(2,
        trigger: Impulse.ar(
            freq: LFNoise1.kr(1/10!3).exprange(1, 2)
                * LFNoise0.ar(100).range(0.7,1.1) ),
        dur: LFNoise1.ar(1).range(0.08,0.1),
        sndbuf: b,
        //rate: 1,
        pos: SinOsc.kr(1/10, [0, pi/4*3, pi]).range(0,1),
        pan: LFNoise0.ar(100).range(-1,1)
    snd = LPF.ar(snd, LFNoise1.kr(1/10!3).exprange(500,10000));
    snd = Mix(snd);
    snd = JPverb.ar(snd, LFNoise1.kr(1/10!2).range(1,10)) * 0.2
        + snd * 0.25;
    Limiter.ar(Mix(snd), 0.9) * 0.5 ;
    //* Env.circle([0.01,0.3,0.01],90,\cub).kr * 0.8;
Ndef(\gran).fadeTime = 20