weeknote #23.2

"stela operation, grav vs. zola, rehearsals, kodi..."


After about three visits to the vet we decided, following vet-surgeon final assesment, that we operate our 17 year old doggo - the operation involved a so called tumor in the skin of the neck. So the procedure was not really invasive, but she still had to get a general anesthesia. That fact combined with liver desease that she in fact has, but not in a too advanced stage, presented the main risk. After two days at home she seems very fine. Old, but fine. At 17 years she exhibits low capability of hearing and seeing, and walking is slowly getting harder - she has less strength but can still walk the stair inside our house to the first and back again to ground floor. I think she is totally amazing, I love her very much.

I have not realised how exhaustive the Wednesday actually was for me. Apart from driving in the morning and staying with her at the vet for almost four hours while she was getting infusion to prep the liver, then seeing her pass out from the anesthetic and leaving for some work. Getting a call from the vet after half an hour to hear that all went totally ok, all the way to picking her up after another six hours of infusion. Apart from all that practical commotion, there's emotional work that was (and too often is) unaccounted for. It showed the next day as I was feeling extra worn out.

grav vs Zola (again)

Somehow I stumbled over flat-file php CMS GRAV again and played with it for the whole day, trying installation and functioning. I have two problems with it: 1) it doesn't support number-prefixed folders/files - for me that's crucial as I most often name folders and files with date prefix, and 2) it's simply too big to feel ok. I'm wary of the growing plugin ecosystem and weird monetisation-leaning efforts. It feels to WordPress-alike. At the end of the day I ended up making tiny content changes back at my under-construction zola-based site. Regarding it: I'm looking at a web-based TinyFileManager and thinking how could I trigger zola rebuild or even zola serve via a web interface.


Rehearsals for Mad Jakale continued. We used a lot of different music, once I improvised a bit through some effects through Renoise but I didn't yet write any music. I do hear some stuff and I also imagine some kind of live timeline of patterns in SuperCollider, where I could control mid-size structures of various genres. Hope to get something done in this respect in next few days.

announcing netlabel day

We managed to organize the upcoming Kamizdat Rentgen: Netlabel Day + Access Frame event by inviting Ida Hiršenfelder, Kikiriki, Gašper Torkar, Umdhlebi, and yours truly, to play on July 14th in Kino Šiška. Also invited number of people to a collaborative "create some layers and sonic elements and we'll mix them up into a collage" kind of compilation. The deadlines are uncomfortably tight, so I can't blame anyone saying they're simply unrealistic for many.

At the same time I'm a bit worried about gmail throwing away my emails.

kodi media center

I dug out the IntelNUC that we used to use for a Media Center at home and tried to install LibreELEC on it. It's a bare minimum OS that hosts a KODI media center software. All looking pretty good, untill I wanted to install some packages in the OS just to realise this is not a APT-based system but custom-built one. I want to have a bit more freedom to use the little box as a server. Looking forward to rebuild video collection.