end of may 2023 update

reflection on action and time, gemini logs, work past week incl. remixes "

It's the end of the month. It's one of those rare Sundays with some possible free time. Or at least a bit relaxed schedule, if nothing else.


Or Action.

Perhaps it is more important, what happens then when it happens. What do we do instead of when do we do it. This is of course not another search for reasons for procrastionation. At the moment I feel like when (no pun) I/we know what is it that I/we want to do, it becomes important that I/we actually do it. Is it a big project? A life-long project? Or a small action, small step in the journey? Regardless, it has to be done. It has to be worked on. In reasonable - time, situation, circumstance. I'm rambling.

I will admit, virtual coworking (working together, working with someone) is saving me from my procrastination habits - daily, weekly... When I manage to use it (focusmate is the platform), it gives me a feeling that I'm actually moving. Moving from place A to next step.

The reason I'm writing this now, is because I read some gemlogs this morning and it kinda motivated through a vision of small-effort public logging (blogging?) that is happening in the Gemini capsules. This effort for smol pages, simple protocol, minimalist, non-designed online spaces with mostly text content, non-javascript-bloated creation of fun and personal logs, empowered by unix/linux knowledge for the layman, are an incredible inspiration.


Looking back,


Now, w.r.t. music composition work:

There's more, of course, so much more. But let me rather finish here and write more often.