The Backstairs Tone

You are kindly invited to a membership-powered weekly newsletter where together we look at what progress have we made on current projects in the past week or so. It is an honest view, a tapping into what is happening when music is being made, the struggles, the drafts, the clumsy constructions, work timelapses, a private studio view, the backstage nervousness and chaos, the "tone of the backstairs, the backstairs to the studio, or the stage".

I make computer music and post all of my work online for free (name-your-price, free Creative Commons downloads) and you can help me to continue doing so by becoming a member of The Backstairs Tone as a way to fund the artist studio through monthly subscriptions.

The main reason why you'd want to support is to primarily help me create more art in the world for everyone, to join me in contributing more music into the commons - with your support you make the world. Still, and at the same time, you get an exclusive glimpse into the studio, via the backstairs.

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more art in the world

In times most of our world seems fully commodified it is heroic to recognize that art and creativity need support to exist. Pay-it-forward: give to creators, so that creators can create something needed by the world - a melody, beat, composition, video or performance that is able to touch and move that special place inside somebody. By joining you can own that a special feeling in your heart that you are supporting creation of the world and art-making. A public and at the same time personal ongoing adventure in sound-noise-music.