Luka Prinčič is a musician, sound designer and media artist. Living and working in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Luka Prinčič at Technoburlesque Image Snatchers at Klub GROMKA. Photo by Luka Prinčič


Luka Prinčič is a musician, sound designer, and media artist. They have been writing music, creating sound art, performing, and manipulating new media in various ways since the mid-’90s. They specialize in computer music, elaborated funk beats, immersive soundscapes, incidental music for live arts and video, and digital media experiments.

Their livecoding performance has been described as "an experience of pure computer music, drawing on the heritage of IDM and contemporary experimental currents, creating cinematic ambient soundworlds that evoke a sense of loneliness in cyberspace." (J. Bužinel). As a veteran of the Slovene breaks and bass club scene they have been laying down mixes on a spectrum from breakbeat to uk bass and beyond, organizing night events in the Slovene capital Ljubljana since the late 90's.

Their release “Pacification” under Wanda & Nova deViator moniker has been described as “skilfully traversing the boundaries between serious artistic and raving club discourse”. Furthermore, their work with Maja Delak was described as “energetically charged, with a cutting, even punk or underground poetics” and “an extremely fresh interplay of different practices from the fields of theatre, dance, music and intermedia art” (Liberal Academy’s Golden Bird Award). In 2013 they were awarded the Ksenija Hribar Award for their sound design for performances in the field of contemporary dance.

They performed at festivals like Iklectik (London), Ars Electronica (Linz), EMAF (Osnabrueck), Netmage (Bologna), MENT (Ljubljana), and Trouble (Brussels), worked at Ljubljana Digital Media Lab (Ljudmila) and local hackerspace CyberPipe (Ljubljana), collaborated with local international feminist festivals like City of Women and Red Dawns, exhibited at Kapelica Gallery, Museum of Modern Art, and MSUM Ljubljana, and traveled with their work all across Europe and further.

Luka Prinčič is passionate about free software, science fiction, social awareness, critical expressions, and the peculiarities of the contemporary human condition.

They work at the Emanat Institute and run Kamizdat, a boutique netlabel for adventurous music, in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

names, aliases & groups

Prince Lucija / Crucial Pink / The Feminalz / Wanda & Nova deViator / Deviant Funk / DVNT PHNK / Todor Olivera / Leopoldina Istanbul / Z. Spavatsky / Rudi Rudi / Loosebot / Aaron Goldbody / Luke The Wizard / Nova deViator / Nova Viator / Hh3x / DJ Nova / Happy Generated People